Updated 17. Oct 2016

01 Atlanta - Wilmington

02 Wilmington - New York

03 New York - Montreal

04 Montreal - Kuujjuaq

05 Kuujjuaq - Iquaulit

06 Iqualuit - Kangerlussuaq

07 Kangerlussuaq - Sisimiut

08 Sisimiut - Ilulissat

09 Ilulisat - Rekjavik

100 Dakar - Dakar

10 Reykjavik - Vagar

11 Vagar - Odense



14 Odense - Zurich

15 Zurich - Corfu

16 Corfu - Adana

17 Adana - Tehran

18 Tehran - Isfahan

19 Isfahan - Karachi

20 Karachi - Mumbai

21 Mumbai - Colombo

22 Colombo - Phuket

23 Phuket - Penang

24 Penang - Kuala Lumpur

25 Kuala Lumpur - Jakarta

26 Jakarta - Denpasar

27 Denpasar - Broome

28 Broome - Darwin

29 Darwin - Ayers Rock

30 Ayers Rock - Adelaide

31 Adelaide - Melbourne

32 Melbourne - Sydney

33 Sydney - Hobart

34 Hobart - Queenstown

35 Queenstown - Christchurch

36 Christchurch - Napier

37 Napier - Rotorua

38 Rotorua - Auckland

39 Auckland - Tonga

40 Tonga - Pago Pago

41 Pago Pago - Kiritimati

42 Kiritimati - Hilo

43 Hilo - Honolulu

44. Honolulu - Hilo

45 Hilo - San Diego

46 San Diego - El Paso

47 El Paso - Corpus Christi

48 Corpus Christi - Cancun

49 Cancun - Chithen Itza

50 Chitchen Itza - Grand Cayman

51 Cayman Island - Jamaica

52 Jamaica - Aruba

53 Aruba - Isla Margarita

54 Isla Margarita - Cayenne

55 Cayenne - Natal

56 Natal - Cap Verde

57 Cap Verde - Mauritania

58 Mauritania - Marrakech

59 Marrakech - Cascais

60 Cascaix - Bilbao

61 Bilbao - Amiens

62 Amiens - Odense


64 South Africa Trip

65 Odense - Munich

66 Munich - Zell Am Zee

67 Zell Am Zee - Athens

68 Athens - Rhodes

69 Rhodes - Haifa

70 Haifa - Masada

71 Masada - Eilat

72 Eilat - Luxor

73 Luxor - Jiddah

74 Jiddah - Djibouti

75 Djibouti - Addis Ababa

76 Addis Ababa - Nairobi

77 Nairobi - Amboseli

78 Amboseli - Kilaguni

79 Kilaguni - Zanzibar

80 Zanzibar - Blantyre

81 Blantyre - Victoria Falls

82 Victoria Fall - Maun

83 Maun - Vumbura

84 Vumbura - Pilanesberg

85 Pilanesberg - Durban

86 Durban - Plettenberg

87 Plettenberg Bay - Stellenbosh

88 Stellenbosch - Johannesburg

89 Johannesberg - Cape Town

90 Cape Town - Windhoek

91 Windhoek - Sossusvlei

92 Sossusvlei - Swakopmund

93 Svakopmund - Etosha

94 Etosha - Luanda

95 Luanda - Sao Tome

96 Sao Tome - Lome

97 Lome - Ouagadougou

98 Ouagadougou - Bamako

99 Bamako - Dakar

Aa Dakar - Dakar

Bb Dakar - Lanzarote

Cc Lanzerote - Jerez

Dd Jerez - Paris

27 Denpasar - Broome

17. Feb 2007

After 2 great days in Bali, I was back in the real world, after corresponding with the Australian customs in Broome in Australia. At first it was just about notifying them, that I would be coming the next day, Saturday, and providing passport details etc. That was all fine. They wanted me to pay out an hour’s fee, because I would arrive on a Saturday, but that was fine with me.

I had really looked forward to get to Australia, a country where I once lived for a few years – back to a place with a tradition for general aviation, without unnecessary bureaucracy.

But I was in for surprise!  A show stopper of a mail suddenly arrived, telling me, that I would have to pay a deposit equivalent to the duties and sales tax, as if I imported the aircraft to Australia! The reason for this, I was told was, that if I crashed with the plane in Australia, and therefore effectively imported the plane, the customs might miss out on the money!

I am not kidding. Neither where they!!

I wrote back, saying that if that was the rule, then I would have to comply, and I mailed information about the value of the plane, and asked to be informed of the amount of money they wanted, and an account where I could deposit it. I did not want this problem to interfere with my trip, or have to spend more time in Broome, than I had planned. The customs bluntly said, that if the money was not paid, the plane would not be allowed to leave Broome.

But they could not tell me the amount of money they wanted. They instructed me to go through a custom broker – and no, there was no such a person in Brome and no, they could not inform me where I could find one. I could look it up in the phone book I was told.

Having to deal with this sort bullshit ruined my last day in Bali, but Saturday morning I turned up in the airport, ready to fly to Broome. I had been in touch with Claude from “www.earthrounders.com”, and he said, hat he never had heard of such a requirement. He suggested I tried to go to Darwin instead, but I did not fancy that.

Going through the airport was smooth, but It took some time to get fuel. 

I had no more US dollars, and as they priced everything in US dollars and only accepted cash, I had to pay in Euro. In Jakarta they had converted US dollars directly to Euro. Here in Bali they insisted of converting first to rupees – and then to Euro. That alone cost me 50 Euro. On top of that, they managed to get 315 litres of fuel in my 2 wing tanks. The tanks only hold 322 litres, so I should have landed with 7 litres of spare fuel, if that was to be correct. But I did not do that, so somehow about 50 litres of fuel had vaporised?

Or could it be, that the way they measured the fuel I took on, with a dipstick into the barrels, was causing the difference?

Anyway, I departed, and requested a detour from the planned route to go up east coast of Bali. I wanted to fly VFR around the volcano Gunung Agung. The volcano itself was hidden behind a veil of clouds, so I went back south inland over Ubud, then past the airport, while climbing to 11000 feet en route to Australia.

I had a great trip, nice blue sky and few cumulus clouds below me. The wind was coming in from left, at up to 40 knots.

The only mishap was, when I was dumb enough to poke my head, with hat and headset, out through the window to see, if I could see the HF antenna I had trailing after the plane. I lost my hat, but managed to hang on to the headset!

For the first time on my trip, I got the HF radio to work. I was able to talk to Brisbane radio, on frequency 11396, and give positions. I have arranged it, so I use the microphone, that came with the radio, but have the HF radio headset outlet connected up to the planes audio system.

About 150 NM from Broome, I could reach Brisbane Center on the VHF radio. 30 miles out of Broome I called up on the local frequency, but realised, that their radio was not manned. So I called local traffic, and came in for a visual left downwind landing to runway 29.

And there they were, representatives for customs and quarantine. I was handed a little can of insect spray, to spray the cockpit, before I got out of the plane.

Arguing with the customs was of no avail, and they took the plane into custody. And for the first time on my trip, I had my bags and the aircraft searched as well.

Wonder what it will be like to hitchhike in this part of the world.? I have done it before! Years ago I hitchhiked from Darwin to Sydney.