Updated 17. Oct 2016


The plane I use, is a Cessna 182T, 2005 model, a single

engine 4 seat plane with a 230 horse power 6 cylinder fuel i

injected engine.

The plane is equipped with a Garmin G1000 cockpit, also

called “Glass cockpit”.

This avionics system has 2 14 inch screens instead of the

usual “steam instruments”.


 This system displays - standard from the factory – a TIS (Traffic Information System), a Stormscope (that detects lightning), and a data link that enables you to download weather information from satellites.
 Unfortunately the TIS system and the data link system only work in the USA.
 A TAS (Traffic Advisory System) has been installed in the plane after delivery from the factory.
Contrary to the TIS system, this gives to traffic warnings everywhere as long as the other traffic has a working transponder.

The plane is also equipped with an autopilot can keep a

course and altitude – and that enables you to fly an approach

without touching the controls!