Updated 17. Oct 2016



Getting a sea plane rating in Orlando

My name is Jens, and I come from Denmark
I have only been flying since 2002, getting a PPL (private pilot license) in October that year.
Learning the ropes in a small Cessna 150, I moved to flying a Cessna 177RG (with retraceable gear).
In that plane I took my first trip overseas to the Nordkap in the very north of Norway, where the sun is up 24 hours in the summer.

The year after I had a trip to Ireland, and the next year a trip from Las Vegas sightseeing in The Grand Canyon in the USA.

In 2005 I went to Florida to get an instrument rating. At this time the idea of travelling further had taken form, and I realised that it was essential to have a rating, that allows me to fly guided by instruments only.

In 2006 I went back to Florida to get a commercial rating – and a rating for a twin engine aircraft - and a rating for a sea plane!
 So I feel prepared to undertake trips around the world; it’s a challenge but it can be done – others have done it before me!

I have no noble cause to promote - and no sponsors. I will try to keep a log book of my travels - and I guess it will mostly be of interest to other general aviation pilots?

 Midsummer 2005 in Odense Denmark  


Miami Beach

Flying north of Orlando

A rocket on its way to Pluto, viewed

over left wing.



                       Florida Keys